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The main page for the documents upload is the following:

  • click on "Registro" to create a new account
  • Register with your Passport number ("Pasaporte")


  • Fill the required information following the template below:


  • Once finished, a message with an activation link will be sent to your email address. By clicking on the activation link, you will finalize the registration process.
  • Now you are registered and you can access the page https://sede.micinn.gob.es/ayudaspredoctorales/ by introducing the username ("Usuario") and password ("Clave").

  • Click on "Añadir" to create a new application:


  • First you need to select the project of your PhD? grant.
  • In the search fill on the top, please put the reference " RTI2018-100863-B-I00" and click on "Buscar". You should see the project below:

  • Now click on "Crear Solicitud" to create a request.
  • Now click on "Editar"
  • This first page will show the information you have entered when registering your account. If everything is correct, you don't need to change anything, click on "Guardar" to save the information.
  • Click on "Proyecto". If everything is fine you should see "Salvador Martí" name in "Investigador Principal" and you can continue.


  • Now click on Academic data (Datos Academicos) in the top left panel. Select "No" for each of the questions and click on "Guardar" to save the information:


  • Now click on "Detalle Datos Acadmicos".
    • Select: "Grado", which means undergrad studies
    • the country of your degree
    • The University name
    • the name of your degree
    • Select the start and End date of your undergrad studies.
    • Select Yes ("Si") on the question if you have or pending to get a Master degree
    • Select the country of your Master ("Reino Unido" for United Kingdom)
    • The University name
    • Select the start and End date of your Master degree
    • Click on "Guardar" to save the data


  • Now click on "Añadir Documentos". You will have now to upload 4 files in pdf format:
    • Copy of your passport
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Academic certificate of your undergraduate marks
    • Academic certificate of your master marks.


  • To upload each of the files, click on "Examinar", select the file, then "Guardar" to save the file.
  • If you need to upload additional files (e.g. diploma, sworn translation, etc.) join the pdf files with the corresponding marks certificate.
  • By selecting the file and then clicking on "Visualizar", you can view the uploaded file to chck that everything is in order.


  • When you are done, click on the top right "Guía de Errores". If all required fields are filled, you will see the following page:


  • IMPORTANT: click on "Borrador" to generate a draft of the document in pdf. Send it to us to verify that the contents are correct, because once the final version has been generated, you will not be able to edit the contents.
  • Once we confirm you that contents are correct, you are finally ready to click on the button to generate the final version ("Definitivo")
  • Please click on "Generar Documento":


  • Please select "Accepto" and click on "Generar Documento":


  • Now the document has been generated and you need to:
    • Click on "ver Documento",
    • Print the pdf
    • Sign the first page under "FIRMA DEL SOLICITANTE"
    • Present in a Spanish embassy if you can or, better, send it to us a signed copy and an unsigned copy in pdf so that we can present it for you.
    • These last step is only for foreign residents. The electronic signature is possible only for residents in Spain.


-- Main.fiorini - 28 Oct 2019

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