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Maintainer Paola Ferrario
Subversion URL svn://
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IRENE (interface for a NEXT event) is a ROOT-based library, which provides classes describing a typical NEXT event. These classes can be used to implement persistency in other software.


IRENE depends on ROOT as a 3rd-party library. Moreover, SCons is used to compile and build IRENE. SCons depends on Python.

So, in order to build IRENE, you need to have the following software installed:

- ROOT ( Once you have ROOT installed, make sure you add the path $ROOTSYS/bin to your $PATH variable, where $ROOTSYS is the ROOT installation's top level directory.

- Python (, version >1.5.2

- SCons (, version >= 1.0.0


You should check out the latest tagged version of irene (if any):

svn co svn:// irene_vXrYpZ

That will download the version with tag vXrYpZ and store it in the irene_vXrYpZ directory.

If no tagged versions are available, or if you are a developer, you should get the trunk:

svn co svn:// irene_trunk

Once you have your irene package, move inside the top level directory and do

scons PREFIX=/path/to/installation/directory install

You don't need to specify the variable PREFIX every time you compile irene, unless you have done a scons -c. If the installation directory is your current directory, you never need to specify the PREFIX variable.

To check your installation, you can do


after having added the path to your IRENE installation directory to the $PATH environment variable.

-- PaolaFerrario - 05 Jun 2013

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