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Maintainer Paola Ferrario
Subversion URL svn://
Latest tag v0r1p6


IRENE (interface for a NEXT event) is a ROOT-based library, which provides classes describing a typical NEXT event. These classes can be used to implement persistency in other software.


IRENE depends on ROOT as a 3rd-party library. Moreover, SCons is used to compile and build IRENE. SCons depends on Python.

So, in order to build IRENE, you need to have the following software installed:

- ROOT ( Once you have ROOT installed, make sure you add the path $ROOTSYS/bin to your $PATH variable, where $ROOTSYS is the ROOT installation's top level directory.

- Python (, version >1.5.2

- SCons (, version >= 1.0.0


You should check out the latest tagged version of irene (if any):

svn co svn:// irene_vXrYpZ

That will download the version with tag vXrYpZ and store it in the irene_vXrYpZ directory. Currently, the latest tagged version is v0r1p6.

If no tagged versions are available, or if you are a developer, you should get the trunk:

svn co svn:// irene_trunk

Once you have your irene package, move inside the top level directory and do

scons PREFIX=/path/to/installation/directory install

You don't need to specify the variable PREFIX every time you compile irene, unless you have done a scons -c. If the installation directory is your current directory, you never need to specify the PREFIX variable.

The building creates an irene-config file in a bin folder under your installation path. Make sure you have the path to this folder (/path/to/installation/directory/bin) added to the $PATH environment variable and do


to check your installation.

-- PaolaFerrario - 05 Jun 2013

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