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TWiki Forms

Add structure to content with forms attached to twiki topics. TWiki forms (with form fields) and formatted search are the base for building database applications.


By adding form-based input to freeform content, you can structure topics with unlimited, easily searchable categories. A form is enabled for a web and can be added to a topic. The form data is shown in tabular format when the topic is viewed, and can be changed in edit mode using edit fields, radio buttons, check boxes and list boxes. Many different form types can be defined in a web, though a topic can only have only form attached to it at a time.

Typical steps to build an application based on TWiki forms:

  1. Define a form template
  2. Enable the form for a web
  3. Add the form to a template topic
  4. Build an HTML form to create new topics based on that template topic
  5. Build a FormattedSearch to list topics that share the same form

Defining a Form Template

A Form Template specifies the fields in a form. A Form Template is simply a page containing a TWiki table, where each row of the table is one form field.

Form Template Elements

  • form template - a set of fields defining a form
    • A web can use one or more form templates
  • form - additional meta data (besides the freeform TEXTAREA) attached to a topic
    • Within a form-enabled web, individual topics can have a form or no form
  • form field - a named item in a form (also known as a key)
  • field type - selects the field type:
    Input type Type field Size field Value field
    One or more checkboxes checkbox number of items per line comma list of item labels
    One or more checkboxes, plus Set and Clear buttons checkbox+buttons (same) (same)
    One or more radio buttons (radio buttons are mutually exclusive; only one can be selected) radio (same) (same)