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SLHC ATLAS Endcap tracker

IMFP 2006 Meeting: talk and proceedings



The first thoughts for the endcap layout and sensors

A bunch of data in preparation for the Liverpool Meeting can be found here,

SLHC occupancy in the endcap

here you can find a very basic analysis of the expected occupancy in the endcap tracker.

DCS and petal cable - Minutes of DCS meeting (Didier, Pepe 22/07/2008)

DCS (Detector Control System)

  • Information about current DCS status on the DCS update talk on July PO.
  • DCS data at three levels: chip (ABCn), module (MCC) and supermodule or stave (SMC).
  • Two options to readout the DCS information:
    • Option 1: DCS data uses the same Data link (optical), multiplexing both data.
      • No extra services needed. Control can be included in MCC and SMC.
      • Optical link has to work to read any DCS data, so SMC and Opto chips have to be powered independently (and before) from the module/chips.
      • Needs cooling on the SMC before DCS data can be readout.
    • Option 2: DCS uses an independent bus that reads all staves/petals.
      • Needs extra services, extra control chips and represents a link between staves/petals.
      • DCS can be read before any cooling.
  • DCS lines in the bus cable (pages 10 and 11):
    • +V common line for all NTC.
    • 1 NTC readout line per NTC (24 for a 1m20 stave).
    • 200um pitch for these lines (5mm).
    • Information goes to DCS readout and to interlock (OR'd, 1 interlock signal per SMC)
    • Open question: one module with high current will interlock all stave/petal. What about an interlock line per module ?.
    • Open question: possiblity of having two NTC if hybrids read two modules.
  • Open question: What about cooling SMC with water ? (there is 1 SMC per face with about 4W per SMC).

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