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The GLUE Schema

The data published in the Information Service conforms to the GLUE (Grid Laboratory for a Uniform Environment) Schema, which defines a common data model to be used for resources monitoring and discovery.

  • General Attributes: This group includes general attributes that are defined in entries of both CEs and SEs, the schema version, the URL of the IS server and finally the GlueKey.

  • Attributes for the Computing Element: Information about a CE and its WNs.

  • Attributes for the Storage Element: Information about a SE and the corresponding storage space.

  • Attributes for the CE-SE Binding: The CE-SE binding schema represents a mean for advertising relationships between a CE and a SE (or several SEs).

The command lcg-info --list-attrs --vo ific shows all the available attributes:

lcg-info --list-attrs --vo ific
Attribute name      Glue object class     Glue attribute name           
WorstRespTime       GlueCE                GlueCEStateWorstResponseTime  
CEAppDir            GlueCE                GlueCEInfoApplicationDir      
TotalCPUs           GlueCE                GlueCEInfoTotalCPUs           
MaxRunningJobs      GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyMaxRunningJobs    
CE                  GlueCE                GlueCEUniqueID                
WaitingJobs         GlueCE                GlueCEStateWaitingJobs        
MaxCPUTime          GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyMaxCPUTime        
LRMSVersion         GlueCE                GlueCEInfoLRMSVersion         
MaxTotalJobs        GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyMaxTotalJobs      
CEStatus            GlueCE                GlueCEStateStatus             
LRMS                GlueCE                GlueCEInfoLRMSType            
CEVOs               GlueCE                GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule   
AssignedJobSlots    GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyAssignedJobSlots  
FreeCPUs            GlueCE                GlueCEStateFreeCPUs           
RunningJobs         GlueCE                GlueCEStateRunningJobs        
EstRespTime         GlueCE                GlueCEStateEstimatedResponseTime
FreeJobSlots        GlueCE                GlueCEStateFreeJobSlots       
Cluster             GlueCE                GlueCEInfoHostName            
TotalJobs           GlueCE                GlueCEStateTotalJobs          
Priority            GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyPriority          
CEDefaultSE         GlueCE                GlueCEInfoDefaultSE           
JobManager          GlueCE                GlueCEInfoJobManager          
MaxWCTime           GlueCE                GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime  
Accesspoint         GlueCESEBind          GlueCESEBindCEAccesspoint     
CloseCE             GlueCESEBindGroup     GlueCESEBindGroupCEUniqueID   
CloseSE             GlueCESEBindGroup     GlueCESEBindGroupSEUniqueID   
Root                GlueSA                GlueSARoot                    
AvailableSpace      GlueSA                GlueSAStateAvailableSpace     
Path                GlueSA                GlueSAPath                    
SEVOs               GlueSA                GlueSAAccessControlBaseRule   
UsedSpace           GlueSA                GlueSAStateUsedSpace          
SESite              GlueSE                GlueForeignKey                
SEType              GlueSE                GlueSEType                    
SEArch              GlueSE                GlueSEArchitecture            
SEName              GlueSE                GlueSEName                    
SE                  GlueSE                GlueSEUniqueID                
SEPort              GlueSE                GlueSEPort                    
Protocol            GlueSEAccessProtocol  GlueSEAccessProtocolType      
ArchType            GlueSL                GlueSLArchitectureType        
ServiceID           GlueService           GlueServiceUniqueID           
ServiceOwner        GlueService           GlueServiceOwner              
ServiceWSDL         GlueService           GlueServiceWSDL               
ServiceName         GlueService           GlueServiceName               
ServiceVersion      GlueService           GlueServiceVersion            
ServiceEndpoint     GlueService           GlueServiceEndpoint           
ServiceSite         GlueService           GlueForeignKey                
ServiceStatusInfo   GlueService           GlueServiceStatusInfo         
ServiceVOs          GlueService           GlueServiceAccessControlRule  
ServiceAccesspoint  GlueService           GlueServiceAccessPointURL     
ServiceURI          GlueService           GlueServiceURI                
ServiceType         GlueService           GlueServiceType               
ServiceStatus       GlueService           GlueServiceStatus             
SiteSupport         GlueSite              GlueSiteUserSupportContact    
SiteName            GlueSite              GlueSiteName                  
SiteAdmin           GlueSite              GlueSiteSysAdminContact       
SiteDesc            GlueSite              GlueSiteDescription           
SiteLocation        GlueSite              GlueSiteLocation              
SiteSecurity        GlueSite              GlueSiteSecurityContact       
SiteInfo            GlueSite              GlueSiteOtherInfo             
SiteID              GlueSite              GlueSiteUniqueID              
SMPSize             GlueSubCluster        GlueHostArchitectureSMPSize   
Processor           GlueSubCluster        GlueHostProcessorModel        
PlatformArch        GlueSubCluster        GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType
OSVersion           GlueSubCluster        GlueHostOperatingSystemVersion
VMemory             GlueSubCluster        GlueHostMainMemoryVirtualSize 
CFP2000             GlueSubCluster        GlueHostBenchmarkSF00         
TmpDir              GlueSubCluster        GlueSubClusterTmpDir          
OSRelease           GlueSubCluster        GlueHostOperatingSystemRelease
ClockSpeed          GlueSubCluster        GlueHostProcessorClockSpeed   
LogicalCPU          GlueSubCluster        GlueSubClusterLogicalCPUs     
OutboundIP          GlueSubCluster        GlueHostNetworkAdapterOutboundIP
OS                  GlueSubCluster        GlueHostOperatingSystemName   
Tag                 GlueSubCluster        GlueHostApplicationSoftwareRunTimeEnvironment
CINT2000            GlueSubCluster        GlueHostBenchmarkSI00         
WNTmpDir            GlueSubCluster        GlueSubClusterWNTmpDir        
CPUVendor           GlueSubCluster        GlueHostProcessorVendor       
PhysicalCPU         GlueSubCluster        GlueSubClusterPhysicalCPUs    
InboundIP           GlueSubCluster        GlueHostNetworkAdapterInboundIP
Memory              GlueSubCluster        GlueHostMainMemoryRAMSize     
VORunningJobs       GlueVOView            GlueCEStateRunningJobs        
VOTotalJobs         GlueVOView            GlueCEStateTotalJobs          
VOWorstRespTime     GlueVOView            GlueCEStateWorstResponseTime  
VOEstRespTime       GlueVOView            GlueCEStateEstimatedResponseTime
VOCEVOs             GlueVOView            GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule   
VOFreeJobSlots      GlueVOView            GlueCEStateFreeJobSlots       
VOWaitingJobs       GlueVOView            GlueCEStateWaitingJobs
-- CarlosEscobar - 17 Jun 2010
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