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NEXT Software

Software packages

Core libraries

MC simulation

  • NEXUS (here): Geant4 application.

Getting the software with Subversion

NEXT software is available through the Subversion (SVN) repository hosted at IFIC. The Subversion client is pre-installed in most UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X) distributions. Nevertheless, if you need to install it, refer to the instructions in

Some hints about SVN use:

  • To checkout a package: svn co svn://
  • To commit changes to the repository (only registered developers are allowed): svn commit -m "Comment"

Building the packages

The GNU Autotools are used as build system for NEXT software.


BHEP is a library that provides several basic facilities for high energy physics computing. Among these, the chief one is a simple, flexible, yet powerful DST.

Package Name: BHEP
Authors: J.J. Gomez-Cadenas, J. Burguet
Maintainers: J.J. Gomez-Cadenas, P. Novella, J. Martín-Albo
Current version: v1r7
Dependencies: CLHEP v1.9.2.3, HDF5 (optional)
SVN tag: svn://


To compile BHEP you will need an ANSI C++ compiler. Check out the last stable release from SVN repository and type:


You may get ocassionaly a complain about headers not found. Rerun again if so. If fails, check your autoools instalation.

After running, type:


You can then build the library by typing:


The library can be installed using the command

make install

The default install directory prefix is /usr/local. You can change it by tipying:

make install --prefix=/your/install/path


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